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Red Leopard

6 Piece Bondage Set

SKU: AE654

Begin your adventures into bondage with this attractive kit that has it all! You will have everything you need to restrain your lover and do the dirty things you have both been craving. Muffle their delicious noises with a breathable ball gag that allows them comfort while silencing speech. Deprive them of sight when you pull this soft, velvet-lined blindfold over their eyes, enhancing over sensation to their body and creating a mystery with each touch. Bind their wrists with a secure set of cuffs so that they are restrained and at your mercy. A heart-shaped paddle will leave matching marks wherever you land it, eliciting moans that will echo in your fantasies. Finally, an easy-to-use flogger will tease and torment their hot, supple skin while you play with them all night long!

Measurements: Ball gag: 25.75 inches in total length, adjustable from 17.75 to 25 inches. Blindfold: One size fits all. Flogger: 16 inches in overall length, 10 inch long tails. Wrist cuffs: 2.5 inches in width, adjustable from 7.75 to 11.25 inches. Paddle: 7 inches overall length, 4.5 inched wide.

Material: Vinyl, metal, ABS.

Color: Red and black.